First Time in The World lots of Unique Features Specially Created for Album Designers

1. Adjustment - Level, Color Balance, Hue/Saturation, Brightness/Contrast

2. Auto Correction - White Balance, Gray Balance, Neutralize, Vibrance Color, Auto Saturation, Auto Level (RGB Channel),
Auto Level (Luminance), Under Adjustment, Over Adjustment, Shadow Highlight Adjustment, Color Contrast, Color Exposure

3. Color Range - Skin Tone, Except Skin, High Saturation, Low Saturation

4. Instant Feather

5. Filter - Depth Clarity, Gaussian Blur, Soft Blur, Glow Blur, Reduce Sharpen

6. Fine Skin

7. Internal Roate

8. Smart Composion

9. Select Auto Object

10. Smart Zoom

11. Match Color

12. Smart Eraser

13. Editable Style

14. Ready to use high quality content with automation functionality for manual designing

15. Photo Attachment on selection

16. Photo replace by just click

17. Multi photo Attachment

18. Opacity on selection

19. Non destructive correction with complete image editing tools

20. Non destructive photo effect with unlimited variation

21. Fully loaded and aquarate cutting functionality

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